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Drunk Driving in California

DUI Survival Tips:

What to Say to an Officer if you are Arrested for DUI

Print this out and place a copy in your wallet or purse and car, in case you are ever stopped and accused of DUI.

  • Officer, I assume you stopped me with probable cause. Please take the least amount of time possible, should you intend to cite me, so that I may leave immediately after the citation.
  • I will consult my attorney for answers, should I be questioned under lawful arrest.
  • I will not perform any voluntary balance or coordination tests, or breathe into a handheld breathalyzer, unless I am lawfully required to do so under the implied consent law.
  • Whether or not you suggest drugs as being the cause of the symptoms you believe to observe, I demand my right to take a urine test, and to have a sample saved for re-testing.
  • If you say that a urine test is not my first lawful option, then I choose a breath test, with a urine test as my choice to provide a sample for a retest.
  • In addition to citing both probable cause and implied consent on your arrest report and DS 367, I request that you attach this card to the arrest report and DS 367. I also request that the implied consent warning be video taped.
  • I do not waive any of my statutory or constitutional rights and am legally obligated to a phone call following my arrest. I would like to call my attorney at (805) 966-0812 within 3 hours of the arrest.
Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer
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