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Payment Policy

DUI Defense Payment Policy

The cost of a DUI attorney is an unexpected and inconvenient expense. Self-representation is risky because the penalties are harsh. However, good legal representation decreases many of these concerns. The Law Offices of Darryl Genis has several options that best suit you and assist you with budgeting. Reasonable flat fees and hourly rates available:

  • A flat fee for everything, except trial time. Trial time is charged by the hour
  • A flat fee for pre-trial; and a second flat fee for trial if required.
  • A flat fee for all legal services, including a jury trial.

For your convenience, cash, check and credit card payments are accepted. You may combine 2 or more payment methods.

Keep in mind that your initial consultation at the Mr. Genis’ office is free, where you will learn what your rights and options are, without any risk or cost. After the initial consultation, if you are not convinced that Mr. Genis will be able to defend you to your complete satisfaction, you can simply decide not to hire him and you'll owe him nothing.

Discover for yourself how Mr. Genis can provide you with expert DUI defense and peace of mind. Call Mr. Genis at (805) 966-0812 for your free initial consultation appointment, or contact him by e-mail at

Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer
"A DUI should not ruin your life. My knowledge of the law can win your case. Nobody will fight harder for you."

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