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Although drunk driving laws are intended to keep our streets safe, many government officials use DUI enforcement as a means towards political gains. DUI laws appear to protect society but in actually, politicians and law enforcement officials are the one's who profit from drunk driving regulations. Too much emphasis is placed on targeting regular, law abiding citizens who aren't drunk driving, but simply had a drink or two prior to being pulled over. This type of DUI injustice doesn't solve the real problem of drunk driving.

If you are accused of a drunk driving in California, there are several drunk driving arrest mistakes that are commonly made and can be easily avoided. Retaining a DMV hearing lawyer and scheduling your DMV hearing are the first things you should do. Your DUI/DMV attorney will advise you on everything you need to know to get you through the case.

An experienced DUI attorney will recognize all the defenses to your DUI case. There are several DUI facts you should be aware of that the arresting officer won't make known to you. If you were put through any of the field sobriety tests, you may have noticed that these types of tests could be viewed simply as coordination tests. Being sober does not mean you are coordinated. You are not required to give a breath test when you are pulled over and there have been proven inaccuracies of a hand-held breathalyzer.

Alcohol absorption plays an important part in determining if you actually were driving while under the influence. The alcohol level in your blood may have gone up from the time you were driving to the time you submitted to a chemical test. Many times, a DUI arrest is not recorded. DUI arrest videos can provide firsthand evidence of impairment and could be essential to a juror who is deciding if you were drunk driving or not.

Unfortunately, with all of these defenses, there is still the concern of favoring prosecution. Many judges are former prosecutors and have access to resources that discuss DUI. These types of resources tend to favor the prosecution and judges may use these resources to help determine your DUI case. This however, should not change the fact that the drunk driving juror responsibilities are to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of drunk driving. There is a burden of proof that must be decided before you are convicted of a DUI charge.

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