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After a Drunk Driving Arrest

Most Common Mistakes After a DUI Arrest

After a DUI arrest there are several mistakes that you can avoid to help save time and avoid additional expenses. Here are some guidelines to mistakes that are commonly made:

Not Taking Your Drunk Driving Case Serious

A DUI charge can stay on your record for the rest of your life and lead to a license suspension, a license revocation, an increase in your auto insurance and/or jail time. You may be able to avoid or reduce some of the harsh penalties if you take the time to understand the severity of a drunk driving conviction.

Not Hiring a California DUI Defense Lawyer

Even if your case looks favorable for you, the legal procedures pertaining to DUI cases are extremely complex. DUI law an be overwhelming and there are many deadlines you need to be aware of. An experienced DUI defense attorney is aware of every aspect of a drunk driving case and will properly defend you throughout the entire case.

Choosing an Incompetent DUI Lawyer

A big mistake when choosing a DUI attorney is making that decision based on the fees he charges. A highly-qualified DUI defense lawyer can justify his fees because he is utilizing much of his time and skill to properly defend your case. A less-experience attorney may charge you less, but be aware of bad representation.

Not Requesting a DMV Hearing

If you do not request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest, an automatic suspension will be made against your driver's license. This DMV hearing will give you and your attorney an opportunity to discover any discrepancies in the case that may result in your license reinstatement.

Not Requesting the Appearance of the Arresting Officer at Your DMV Hearing

If the arresting officer testifies in person, the information he provides may vary from the information he provided on his report. Inconsistencies such as these may result in a temporary license issuance. This is also a good opportunity for your attorney to obtain important information that can be used for your defense in court.

Not Appearing in Court

Make sure you attend all court appearances. If you do not show up to just 1 court date, the judge will automatically issue a bench warrant. As a result of this bench warrant you will be arrested the next time you are pulled over or approached by a police officer, no matter what the reason is.

Discussing Your Case

Do not talk about your case to anyone except your DUI attorney. Depending on what you have spoken about, the prosecutor may use this against you in court.

Accepting the Prosecutionís First Offer

The prosecutor's first offer is not always in your best interest. Have your DUI lawyer determine what is best for you so that you have the most favorable outcome.

Driving After License Revocation

A license revocation is not a temporary driver's license and you may not drive at any time. If you are arrested for driving with a revoked license, you could be up against a jail sentence and massive fines.

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